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Newest Armoury Crate update ( made my audio crackly and popping. (GA35DX)

Level 7

Hi. I updated my things on Armoury Crate today (31/5-2023), as well as the app itself to version: This update has practically broke my audio drivers and made my audio crackling and popping. This is especially audible when I change volumes or listen to something on higher volumes. I had no issues with this before updating. I have tried almost everything to fix this, in Windows audio settings, reinstalling Realtek Audio Drivers, updating my BIOS, reinstalling my Nvidia Graphics drivers. Practically everything I could find on Google and Reddit, I've tried but to not avail. My audio is still super crackling and I'm beginning to give up on trying to find a solution, so I'm making a post about it.

If anyone can help, these are my Armoury Crate devices and components:

ASUS framework service: GA35DX, Version:

GameSDK Service, version:

ASUS HAL Central, version: 20230411

Model Identifier, version:

TUF-RTX3080 (My graphics card framework), version:

I'm new to this sort of stuff, so I am not sure what to post.

Please help me out, anyone. I'm genuinely desperate.



Level 7

I've done several potential fixes since I posted this thread.

1. Reset my PC twice, once cleaning my files, and once resetting my Windows drive completely. This did not work.

2. Try all kinds of potential audio driver fixes, such as modified Realtek drivers and even using my Focusrite Scarlett to use as a soundcard. This did not work.

3. Disable C-State in BIOS. This did not work.

Latencymon shows this: 


I've also read that other users have the same problem, and that they can't find a fix for it, so I'm starting to give up hope. Some say it has to do with CPU voltage or the memory. I'm not super tech-savvy, so I do not know any of those terms, or what to change. I'm almost defeated.

Please, if anyone knows anything, please please please help me.