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New FW for Gladius 3 Wireless

Level 9

I was wondering if you could help me with an issue I have after updating to the latest firmware for the Gladius 3 Wireless. I updated to version 11.71.32 and immediately started having tracking issues with the 2.4 ghz wireless functionality. Wired it works perfectly, but when using the wireless it is very choppy, inaccurate and cuts out. The mouse is only a month and a week old and I am trying to avoid an RMA. I suppose I could use it in wired mode until another Firmware Update fixes the issue, but I would Imagine there is a way to apply a firmware update outside of Armory Crate. If you have any information, or suggestions as to what might work I would be in your debt! Thanks for the time.

MasterC@ROG wrote:
Hey Guys,

ROG GLADIUS III WIRELESS Firmware updates v11.91.34 / v1.00.21 were released, please check if your issues were resolved.

Great! The new firmware fixed the problem. Thanks!

Level 9
UPDATE** New firmware has fixed the issue for me.