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New Armoury Crate 3.04 'Smart' has annoying strobe effect.

Level 8
Basically I want the Smart Color effect so that I can keep track of my temperatures when Im gaming (So I know if I need to boost the fans or decrease my clock/voltages). However it seems that the smart color has a really annoying strobe/breathing to it, and its relatively quick. Is this a change with 3.04 or is something else going on? (I just had major issues with armoury crate refusing to reinstall and having to remove and reinstall all the drivers for the keyboard).

Basically is there a way to tone down the 'breathing' When the lighting is set to 'smart'.

Level 12
is normal. that is how it works when start to change from temps to temp. will have these breathing effect when pas the 60C then gets red.
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Thanks for confirming that its normal... Now Was it different in the previous version of Armoury crate because I swear its super annoying now? I really dislike the breathing as I find it very distracting from whatever I am doing.

Is there anyway to get the smart effect without the breathing; or at least Slow its rate down?