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Need access to old Armoury Crate (anything late 2020)

Level 7
Does anyone have a copy of the old armoury crate installer? Is it even possible to install an old version or does it pull down the whole package from online?

My lighting setup is now broken with the latest armoury crate which is maddening because presumably if I can get an older version iCUE will work again with my motherboard (Z490).

Level 7
Zero response or follow-up.
What kind of forum/community is this?

Level 8
It's a pointless step because it's an online installer and whatever installer you use it will just download the latest version from Asus. So you'll always be stuck with the latest version of garbage. Just disable your motherboard lighting in BIOS, uninstall Armoury Crate and move on.

Asus does not care they will shove a broken update down your throat anyway, i fully understand why you want old vision you would need to trick the app to not update bassicly and to download old files somehow already downloaded without internet, i don't think you will find some one who can help you especially not from Asus them self who does not seem to care if they push a broken update, they do it cos they keep getting feedback, if we stopped given them feedback they may finally give up on trying to use us as test subjects and hire a QA team.

Level 9
I'm sure ASUS will change this policy overtime, the real question will be at what cost for them.

Branding these days can be greatly affected with public opinion, and with all these YouTube/Facebook reviews and tech channels, its just a very slippery step.

Every company, including my own, is paying a lot of attention to target public and overall feedback on Facebook, and we are not a tech company. We sure had some losses due to public opinion in the last year.

As for myself, I was really anxious to get my hands on a Ryujin 360 but now I feel that I must wait a bit to see where things are going, specially after spending big time for a decade on RoG/ASUS stuff. I won't be buying the Delta RoG Headset with the RGB either, and instead consider the Strix Go 2.4 with no RGB or maybe a Logitech one.

Was looking for the 6800 Strix too but GPU market is a mess right now.

We, faithful RoG gamers await your call, ASUS. We, or at least I, I really like your Brand, that's why I'm writing this.