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My Zephyrus Duo 16 keeps rebooting with no warning when playing games

Level 9

Hello, Im hoping some one can help, My Zephyrus Duo16 keeps randomly rebooting. normaly while im playing games.  no warnings. No error mesages. seems very random. thought it may be heat. but does it even when not under load and temp is low.. Sometimes it will be fine for days. then it will just reboot randomly when im playing a game.  ( Normaly playing Star Craft 2 or World of Tanks.. neither high useage on CPU or GPU). 

I've been through all my drivers, all up to date. the AI app runs checks and says its all ok no problems found.

Im trying to work out if this is a Software issue?? or hardware (CPU? GPU?? RAM???)


AMD Ryzen 9 6900HX with Radeon Graphics

NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080Ti

MediaTech Wifi 6E MT7922 160Mhz Wireless 

64Gb RAM

Windows 11 Home 64bit

Paid lot of money for this laptop, after wanting for some time. only had since September last year (2022) and had constant problems.

If any one can help or give some ideas please.

Many thanks 


Level 9


I have  clean installed windows twice now.  Tried with and without armoury crate... but still get random reboots with no warnings.  Mostly seems to be heat related.. the CPU temps just rocket in blink of eye and reboots..  but can reboot even when running cooler temps ( 50°+/-).  I suspect its a faulty CPU.  If i use armoury crete in manual mode, set the CPU and GPU to minimum levels.. and then set fans to max... it helps keep the temps down... im also running on a cooler mat.. in an Air Con'd room where the room is kept cold. But even at lower temps the laptop will just randomly reboot.  

Armoury crate does seem to have issues as well.  With many errors in event veiwer.

Must say im extremely disappointed even anoyed with Asus and this laptop... to say im not happy about a £4000 laptop that just doesnt work and is not fit for purpose.

Im hoping Asus will fix/sort/ replace the laptop when i can get back home to UK in next few weeks.

I've been dealing with a similar issue on my Duo 16 (2022). See if you still experience rebooting after switching your GPU mode to Ultimate in Armory Crate and disabling the bottom screen. This should completely bypass the integrated graphics and keep it turned off, which was the root problem for me.

I sent my machine in for RMA twice and now I'm just done dealing with it, gonna sell it on and buy something else. Asus were unable to fix the random reboot issue, but doing the steps above fixed the problem 100%.

Best of luck!

Ok. Will give that a try... its been in for RMA repair twice now...not repaired.. same problems. Seems neither Asus or Overclockers seem to want to actually fix this problem.  

I will try your suggestion of changing armoury crate and disable bottom screen. See if it helps. I just want a working laptop.  

Really not happy.... £4000 gaming laptop that cant play games or do anything even basic like watching YouTube 

Welll I have returned the 2022 version i had, and paid bit more and got the higher end version 2023 version with newer CPU and RTX 4090 and 64Gb RAM.  so far, all good. has been running Hot since i got it, but i think that's more down to hot weather so can't cool itself easily.

Ive been running on a cooling mat... but to be honest. I have seen no difference. and was same with the older laptop... So I dont know if its a design thing or just cooling mat is no goood. 

Has anyone found a good cooling pad that works with the Zephyrus Duo's??? 

Ok. UPDATE. laptop just back from repair 2nd time. Still has same problems.  Still keeps randomly rebooting. And /crashing. Its had Windows reinstalled 4 times.  Ive uploaded few videos to YouTube to show it rebooting or crashing.

This is latest video of it rebooting while watching a YouTube video. This is the day after getting it back from repair.