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MSHybrid failing still.

Level 10
Are you actually going to try and make the software functional or what?

It has gone from being hit and miss to missing more times than hitting and even restarts doesn't always fix the issue. I swear you guys love giving people "features" but then mess them up, shrug and leave it as a train wreck of instability.

For the love of god will you fix your **** for once.

Edit: The problem being when "Eco mode" is activated you should be able to end all processes using the DGPU and turn it off, handing things over to the IGPU. 9/10 this does not happen and several restarts are required to get it to do what it should, that's assuming trying to get it to work doesn't crash the laptop in general. This is a ballache when you're in the middle of doing things and are trying to save battery.