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m.2 4TB storage

Level 8

MOBO rog crosshair x670e extreme, bios latest version, win 10.

Have O/S installed on 1 TB m.2. bios sees that drive ok, but does not see the 4TB m.2 installed in the other slot.

What needs to be changed in bios to enable the 4TB m.2 ?



Level 9

This does not seem to be a Armoury Crate issue.

The manual for your motherboard states you need to enable the M.2_2 slot in your BIOS, but the manual and the BIOS manual seem to gloss over HOW to do that.  You may be able to search for M.2_2 in your BIOS settings and find it.  My guess is that it will be in the Advanced Menu in the NVME Configuration.

Note, enabling this option will slow your PCIe Slot 1 from 16x to 8x so there is a cost to using that M.2 slot.

not worried about 16-8 downgrade , just want to use the drive, I know it can be done because on initial install, I tweaked something in bios (cant remember what it was) and both drives were visible. Several other issues arose and had to delete and re-install drivers, and now the case of the 4 tb not being seen, Asus support weren't much help at all, just pointing out the drive was not one they recommend.