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Latest Armoury Crate Update & ROG Azoth Firmware - Major issue

Level 8

As the title suggests, the latest Armour Crate & ROG Azoth firmware updates will break your wireless 2.4GHz dongle. The keyboard will no longer recognize the connection. 

When selecting the keyboard in Armoury Crate while connected by 2.4GHz mode, this is the error that will come up eventually:




The "ASUS support site" link to 'download the upgrade tool to upgrade your receive to an ROG Omni receiver' takes me to the ROG Azoth Driver & Utility page that has nothing to do with the ROG Omni receiver and no mention of it at all.

Such a frustrating experience from doing a simple update that SHOULD make things better, not significantly worse or straight up brick a major function of the product. Shameful. 


Level 10

Hi @azothfirmware I take it you're referring to the v5.7.9 upgrade? I had issues too (although not the one you're reporting) and it was fixed by uninstalling and reinstalling - there's instructions on how to do that posted by one of the admins - @MasterC in this particular forum group - they refer to an older version of AC but works exactly the same.

If you still continue to have issues, fill in the Google Form (link also on the same post outlined above) and Asus will respond to you

Thanks for the direction. I've completed the steps to have my information added to that thread. 


I get the same error, but only when my ROG Azoth is asleep, touching any key brings up the Keys page.

I'm wondering if you might have the wireless switch set to Bluetooth? You could try with both wired and 2.4GHz wireless mode. Make sure the cable and wireless dongle are connected to pc usb ports.

If all else fails, try uninstalling and reinstalling Armoury Crate.

All is working fine with the latest updates in Armoury Crate, here are the latest versions.


ROG Azoth.png




I appreciate the reply. I've done the removal of Armoury Crate via the proper tools, reinstalled, many times now. I've also updated my motherboard BIOS (non-ASUS board) for whatever reason that was asked of me. 

My keyboard is updated to the latest versions, along with Armoury Crate and my 3090. I was using the products with no issues up to the point of me doing those updates.

It's not an issue with me having Bluetooth connected. I use(d) my keyboard to swap between 2.4GHz mode for my personal computer and would use the Bluetooth mode to swap to my work laptop. So for my current ordeal I have my work laptop still operational via Bluetooth, but my personal computer connected via hardwire. 

I look forward to the day where I can once again use this through a major feature of the keyboard. 

My recommendation would be to fill in the Google form which is detailed in one of the posts pinned by @MasterC - and someone will get back to you

Some things to try.

1) Reset your ROG Azoth by pressing and holding the Fn+Esc keys, for 10-15 seconds, it will flash green when it's reset. You'll have updates in Armoury Crate after the reset, try updating and see if the keys page show. 

2) In Device Manager, uninstall all HID Keyboard Device and ROG Azoth then reboot, try the updates in Armoury Crate. 


3) To update in Armoury Crate, make sure the wireless dongle and cable are both connected to pc usb ports.



Level 7

Thank you for posting tips - in case needed later. After updating through Armory Crate a couple nights ago, my Azoth would no longer connect via 2.4 GHz dongle. Now it is working, after a couple of restarts, including a wired attempt to check AC for opportunity to reinstall update.