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Keyoboard Function and modifier keys

Level 7
I recently bought a Spatha X and I'm having trouble setting up the key function to bind keys to particular buttons. I'd like this to work if I connect the mouse to another machine (such as my work Mac), so using macros isn't sufficient since they don't get saved to the onboard memory.

When I to try have it read something involving 3+ keys such as ctrl-shift-alt-pagedown, it won't register the key combination. It's even worse with combinations involving the windows key. Usually it can handle two modifiers with a key, but not always, and it's pretty finicky about picking them up, requiring multiple attempts to input them. Is there any way around this? Obviously, right now I am just using macros, but it's annoying that I can use the onboard memory, which had been my plan for this when I bought the mouse.

It would be nice if in the future the software provided a visual representation of a keyboard and let you just select all the keys you want pressed for the keyboard function.

Level 7

I am having the same issue - has this been resolved somewhere else?