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Keyboard Lighting Error after Armoury Crate update

Level 9

After the previous Armory Crate update, part of the keyboard was stuck in the RGB colors I had previously set. I ignored it and waited for an update. With the last update, this stuck area lighting went out completely.

I turned off the keyboard illumination, but the stuck keys continued to light up. With the last update it is now completely gone.

I changed the RGB color settings, but the stuck keys continued to glow in different colors. With the last update it is now completely gone.

I reset the keyboard with FN + ESC, the problem persists.

I synced the keyboard profiles with Armory Crate software and the problem persists.

I connected the keyboard to a different device and the problem persists.

The latest updates have been installed.


Level 9

UP. Has anyone had this problem? I can't use the keyboard this way, it's hard to see the keys.

Level 9

Lights come back suddenly but not change color or brightness..


Community Admin
Community Admin

Is the issue resolved? I see a TUF K7 keyboard and received your report, but you did not confirm what keyboard model and there was no log provided. 

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