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Just unacceptable...period.

Level 7

Any time I've had to re-install Armoury Crate, its a laundry list of things needed to be done to either make the install 1) not fail  2) succeed in installing it, yet still have to do a myriad of things to get it to work.

ASUS...I champion your products because the hardware is excellent, but this particular piece of software, to be as *bad* as it is..its shameful. There are so many other programs that are able to uninstall/reinstall themselves and require little user intervention...but Armoury Crate..this has been an issue for years now. It's shameful that this product (which has a HUGE role in customization) has been allowed to wallow in mediocrity. need to FIX this. This shouldn't be this hard!! 

I'm dealing with .sys permission errors, hardware not found errors..rookie mistakes by some software standards. 

Also, aside from the DVD that comes with the MB, create an all-in-one download package for consumers. Why do we need to fight to get AC to work to *finally* have the ability to update drivers etc, instead of doing it one by one?