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Issue with Asus Armory Crate????

Level 11

Screenshot (5).png

Dear Asus,

When are you going to fix this issue and the many other issues you have with this software??? 

I have this pop up every time I turn off or restart my rig. Have run mutible memory tests, and results show no issues???

Also your sofware will not start up at times, and if it does will crash right after it pops up???

I have tried doing a few clean installs of win 11, uninstall AC using your uninstall tool. 

The only reason I use your AC is because I need it to sync up my strix 4090 and mobo with Icue. if not I would not touch this bloatware!

Thank you. 

ROG STRIX Z790-E GAMING WIFI II Bios 1002: Intel i7 14900k: CORSAIR DOMINATOR TITANIUM RGB 64GB 6600MHz DDR5: : ASUS ROG STRIX PG38UQ: ROG Strix 4090 OC :2 M.2 990 PRO 2 TB: CORSAIR - AIO CORSAIR LINK H170I LCD : Corsair HX1500I: Corsair 7000D airflow Case: Windows 11 Pro