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ISSUE : Todays update ( Loop update

Level 9
Hello Admin ,

The Crate is keep asking to update my device component after update all and restart the same thing pop up again ?
And never update the device component what's going on ?
This cause me headache ..
The Crate update ****ed up everything in my component why ?
Because i can't use my headset to switch between 7.1/2.1 ?
I can't use my gpu setting
i can't do anything unless i update my device component please

I can say that ASUS are suffering from each update

Please run the app and test possible issues before pushing it ?
Where is your Program Engineering where is all your stuff ?

New issues unfortunately with today's device update. Just when I at least got 3 things working, it breaks those ones again.

Level 9
I have solved the loop update issue that I have been experiencing since release where updates told me that I had to update all my devices to ver. 1.01.04 but updates could not be completed. After I have installed the fresh OS it's OK now, no issues.The special AC uninstaller did not help. So this is the only way to make it work...