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Is AURASYNC lowering my mouse polling rate?

Level 9

I have a ROG strix evolve mouse and lately I noticed a problem.
2 days ago I built a pc for my brother, this is important because we have the same model of screen, an ASUS TUF Gaming VG1A model (1080p @144hz to 160hz.
I was watching him organize his desktop and I noticed that his mouse cursor looked wayyyy smoother than mine.
But how is it possible? We both have our screens set up to 144hzand his mouse is a cheap 15 euro Trust mouse, while mine is set up to 1000hz of polling rate, if anything it should be his mouse that feels choppy.


So i go into armourycrate and as usual it asks me to Unsync the mouse lights before being able to make any changes to it's settings.
And what do you know?

Once disconnected the mouse instantly felt much smoother, not leaving choppy bits behind it, also it's sensitivity felt lower, which is something that happens when you up the polling rate.
For the sake of testing I synced it up gain, went choppy as soon as the sync happened.
Unsyced it again, buttery smooth.
Is it a known issue? Shouldn't the sync option just make the lights the same as my other components?

Part list
MB:ROG Strix B550-A Gaming

CPU:AMD ryzen 7 5800X3D