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Initial "Pop Up" Fan Mode Missing

Level 7
Hi, I am using a G531GW ROG laptop.

After the recent update of Armoury Crate to version The initial "Pop Up" on boot up of my laptop indicating which fan mode I am on seems to be missing.

Level 7
Same here, GameVisual popup appears after boot but not the "Mode" popup. I have only booted into Manual Mode.

However, "ArmourySwAgent.exe" is in the background, Alt-Tab and it appears:


Atleast twice I've noticed fans have stopped spinning, probably after me closing this app.

When I rebooted last night, screen was something I have never seen before, like 720p stretched to 1440p and super filtered, blurry, couldn't read any text, see what images were etc, had to shut down.

I've also noticed AIDA64 memory latency increased 1-2ns

Level 7
Just currently also have the same issue with the "ArmourySWAgent.exe" running in the background when Alt-Tab. Noticed this happened after the "ASUS Framework Service".

Seriously...ASUS, do you even check the update before rolling them out to the public? What's the point of using a software that always has constant bugs and take ages for patch fixes.

Level 9
Same here, but I did not upgrade the armoury, only update the Device Kit that is mandatory and now I get this armouryswagent in every reboot.

Level 7
Hi Team,

Like many others, I'm also having the same issue. Hope this can be rectified soon.