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I will try to be positive

Level 8
EDIT: Downloaded OpenRGB which requires no installation, no services and no bloatware, ran it and it detected everything i have flawlessly from the first run. I set a new profile, settings and its working flawlessly without any single error, its blazing fast, tons of effects and control using the effects plugin and it just consumes 32MB from RAM and 0.5% CPU usage.

i dont know from where to start, i want to be positive and not criticize the software but i cannot but feel how bad this software is, starting from the installation that triggers MS Store to download UWP app which takes 10 mins to start downloading because Asus decided to hide their apps on MS Store and cannot download them normally like any other UWP app, but have to use their installer.

Anyway, after successful installation and RESTART, tons of services and bloatware flooded my PC, with more than 4 tasks on windows task scheduler, nevertheless, i opened the APP, took 2 mins to show up and another 1 min to load, this is on Ryzen 9 5950x, X570 Gaming-F and 32 GB RAM.

got greeted with the "I agree" dialogs that you cannot press i agree unless if you scroll down to the end, seriously?!?! like when you scroll down, they are making sure you have read where no one will read all of this newspaper whether its scrolled or not.

moving on, finally got within the APP, asked me to login, i did and went through, then it asked me to join Elite Rewards program, i filled the form, pressed the button to join, complained about the city name and asked me to check on my account, went to my account, the city name is identical to whats written in the form, so i changed it all to lower case, the error is gone, pressed join/signup button and ofcourse nothing happened and the form got stuck.

restarted the app, l tried again to join Elite Rewards by choosing the second option "merge accounts", filled in the information, press the button, Nothing happens and the app got stuck again.

even trying to copy your email address from the form using Ctrl+C leads to form being stuck for couple of mins.

Anyway, i had it and i dont want to join the Elite program and lets fix the lighting instead of the default rainbow theme, open the AURA menu, loading and slow as hell, then NO MOTHERBOARD, only Graphics Card.

uninstalled, clean uninstall afterwards, go to bios and check if LED option is set to on, turn off power supply, set LED to off then reboot and then to on, go back and reinstall again, with dozens of reboots, same result everytime.

so uninstalled, cleaned every bloatware installed, installed latest build of Aura Sync instead, launch the app, it doesnt start, it just hangs in task manager, so read here and there, uninstalled, cleaned the bloatware, several restarts, grabbed older version of Aura sync.

start the app, it starts normally, but with the same result, Motherboard is not detected!!!!

so this leads me to believe that Asus Aura Sync is copied and pasted into Armory Crate as is, but with worse interface and performance.

After spending 4 hours back and forth, i decided to uninstall all bloatware and just use case RGB control, it aint worth all the trouble, my RAM is corsair and controlled from icue, so its just the fans and board.

when i built this PC a while back, i had 3700X CPU and had aura sync installed and all worked fine, i even replaced aura sync with armory crate and all worked fine, then uninstalled both due to the bloatware that is installed with them, however, after upgrading my CPU and RAM, all of this happened, not sure if there are some reg keys left that are not cleaned which caused all of this, but its the worst software i have ever dealt with in my entire life unfortunately.

System Specs:

Ryzen 9 5950X
x570 Gaming-F (Latest Bios)
Samsung Nvme Evo 500GB For OS
Windows 10 (Latest Version)
32 GB Corsair Vengeance 3600 CL-16
Asus ROG Strix 1080 Ti OC
Creative AE-5 Plus Sound Card

Community Admin
Community Admin
Sorry to hear you are having such issues, please report it by filling in a form (won't take long).
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