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I could use a bit of advice regarding ASUS Armory Crate

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My current set up an ASUS Z390 i9 9900K set up and I'm looking to build a new Rig.


My reason for building a new Rig is simple I'm not a gamer but I do encode a lot of video and I want to build a PC with a new next gen AMD CPU and use an Intel Arc card because they are by far the fastest at video encoding right now and also much cheaper and as I said I'm not a gamer by any means so I don't care if the Arc cards suck for gaming.

I have never run ASUS Armory Crate and from what I understand that it still has Fan Expert which is what I really like.

With my current system it has ASUS AI Suite 3 and with Fan Expert it has a widget that shows u in the bottom right hand corner of your Desktop and it has 4 different speeds you can choose from.

The reason I like that widget so much is because I can just set my fan speeds to wide open full speed and not have to listen to the fan revving up and down all the time,I prefer to just let them run wide open when I use Handbrake or any other video encoding software that I use and that puts a heavy load on the CPU.

I find that letting the thermal probe on the mobo react to temp changes makes more noise then listening to the fans go wide open.

What my main question is with ASUS Armory Crate do they still include the Widget that shows up in the bottom right hand corner of your Desktop like in the picture or do I have open ASUS Armory Crate to go from Idle speeds to Full.

I know I can set fan curves but that has never really worked for me and I don't use my PC's under heavy loads all the time so when I'm just surfing the Net and then using Handbrake or Topaz or whatever the heavy load program is it's just easier to use the Widget to go from an Idle speed to Full instantly.




Level 7

I would rather not turn this thread into a big debate about Intel Arc cards and how they suck for gaming or in general,I know a lot of people that run them for video encoding and that;s what I'll be doing mainly and no gaming.

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Community Admin

Sorry, there's no fan control widget for Armoury Crate, but the controls are simple and straightforward. Just minimize and pull up whenever needed.

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@MasterC If I remember correctly in Armoury Crate it still has the 4 speed buttons that are called Silent Standard Turbo Full Speed correct and by clicking on the full speed one will make the fans go to their max speed.

Thanks again for your help

That is correct.



FPS, Racing, and VR Gamer / Tech Enthusiast / ROG Admin

That's great news for sure,I know there isn't any other software on the market that works like that feature to just crank the fan speeds up instantly.