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I can not control settings of ROG AZOTH in Armoury Crate

Level 7

I got Asus Rog Azoth keyboard just yesterday, and installed the Armoury Crate just as it was written on the guide paper came inside the box with keyboard.

After downloading, Armoury Crate did recognized this keyboard and was able to control settings including key, lighting(or RGB), OLED screen and others on devide tab. But after I turned on my laptop again, Armoury Crate did not let me access to the settings of ROG AZOTH keyboard only. I was able to access to any other services on the app like Aura sync.

Whenever I try to go to device tap of Azoth, it just continuosly loads with message saying something like the service is in use and need to wait until ASUS Framework service responds. Then after the loading finishes, the screen just says some numbers have denied my access. How can I fix this? I contacted to Asus help through email and they told me to upload on this forum. 


This was the page I was getting every time. I also tried re installing Armoury Crate using uninstall tool on Asus page several times. Still this message kept popping up (Apology that the screen was in Korean). 스크린샷 2024-03-25 162044.png