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How to get just my colors sync?

Level 7

That. I downloaded Armoury Crate and it install A LOT of bloatware that I don't even know what are they for...

Any way to do a "lite install" or something like that? I just want my lights sync, I don't care about live wallpapers, rewards, drivers update... if I want to update my drivers I'll manually do it, I don't want all that stuff. All I want is the same color effect in the components and that's it. 

Asus framework service, rog live service, VGA.. all that stuff installed. 

And services... OMG:

  • Lithting service
  • AAC Dram HALArmouryWebbroseredge
  • ArmourySocketServer
  • Asus NodeJS web framework X6 (6 different services with same name)
  • Asuscertservice
  • ROG Live service
  • Asus Update
  • Asus Aura extension card HAL
  • Asus motherboard fan control service
  • Asus COM service
  • Armoury crate user session helper
  • Armoury crate service

20 services running in background... it's crazy. 


Community Admin
Community Admin
There are indeed many background processes, that being said, they typically consume less than 1% of your system resources - combined (depends on your system specs, configuration, etc.) Is that not the case?
FPS, Racing, and VR Gamer / Tech Enthusiast / ROG Admin

no, it's not always the case... and something besides the amount of RAM or cpu, it has energy power usage high, and all the time "moderate". 

And again... It's something I don't need or want. I just want to sync my lights, not interested in live wallpaper, drivers updates, community, my Asus profile, My rewards points (that asus never gave me btw), tunning my GPU, my fans or track cpu usage/temps.

I have GPU-Z rog edition for my GPU, HWmonitor if I want to track cpu or temps, wallpaper engine if I want to use a live wallpaper and Google Chrome if for some reason I want to look out my Asus account and manufacturer websites if I want to look for updates and download drivers.