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How to fix Armory Crate causing high CPU usgae in Powershell

Level 8

I've been having an issue with Armory Crate running multiple instances of Powershell that takes up CPU usage. The first time I noticed the CPU usage was up to 54% and found out that Armory crate was running 6 different Powershell processes with each taking up between 6% to 7% cpu usage. The other night I was on my PC for a lengthy amount of time and I had not noticed the CPU usage creep until it was at 70% and the Powershell processes were up to almost 10% each. I can "end task" on those processes in Task Manager but they always come back.

Before finding what the Powershell processes were I first thought it was some sort of virus and ran all kinds of tests along with command line codes like sfc /scannow now and nothing seemed to help. I then installed process monitor and was able to tell what the parent was for the Powershell processes. I also posted on the Microsoft forums and someone had me install a program to scan for a coin miner, but it did not find any coin mining processes. The tech help did notice that Armory Crate was taking up a lot of Powershell processes which were the ones taking up a lot of CPU usage.

It looks like I may have to uninstall Armory Crate to fix this but I depend on that to control the ARGB connected to the MB. I do use the iCue software to control the other ARGB lighting in my system but I could never get them to work together correctly so I just use Armory crate for the MB lighting. I also use Armory Crate to keep track of the MB driver and BIOS updates. I do not know if there is an alternate software for those two things I use Armory Crate for but if I can't find anything then how do I reduce the CPU usage from the Powershell processes created by Armory Crate?