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How to disable all lighting without Armoury Crate?

Level 7

How do I disable all shell and keyboard lighting on a ROG STRIX SCAR G Series Laptop after Armoury Crate has been uninstalled?


I just want the lighting to be completely off!


Level 9

Can you get into the BIOS:

Once in there, do you see "Aura ON OFF", click that and select OFF.   Save settings (F10) and reboot.

There is no "Aura ON OFF" in the BIOS.

I have uninstalled the Armoury Crate app and I presume that Aura is removed during the uninstall, no?

Odd, in the top right side of my BIOS window, there is an Aura On/OFF that I can use to disable Aura completely. F4 is the shortcut to the feature.  There may be differences in BIOS capabilities. 

Aura will be uninstalled, but the BIOS can still have the ability to run your RGB in default rainbow mode.

I am running the BIOS version 3.16 and when within the BIOS environment the F4 key does nothing.

For an indication,

First row is System with icons: BIOS Version 3.6, CPU, Total Memory, GPU, Serial Number

Second row is: LCD, USB Ports, and Storage

Third row is: Hardware Monitor and Access

Fourth Row states: Version 2.20.0049, Default(F9), Save & Exit (F10), Boot Menu(F8), Advanced Menu(F9), Search on FAQ


Level 9

Maybe the laptop bios doesn't have it.  Maybe it is in the Advanced Menu.  I see it on desktop.