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How can I access all drivers and software without Armoury Crate?

Level 8
I bought an ASUS mainboard and want to get all drivers that are available in Armoury Crate, including additional software like Two-Way-Noise Cancellation, etc.

On the other hand I don't want the rest of the garbage that makes up 80% of the bloatware package named Armoury Crate. I refuse to install that program, it adds dozens of processes, apps, services, it has a global screenreader that is always active and blocks my screenreader software I need for work, etc.

The support site only has a very limited number of drivers available for direct download. How can I get access to all software and drivers?

Level 7

I would also like this option to avoid all the bloatware and unnecessary processes it brings.

Level 8

I am also interested in one time lighting setup without heavy software's running background


I get all drivers from the ASUS Support Center except for the Nvidia driver. Depending on your headset, you will need Armoury Crate for Noise Cancelling and other audio control options.

Official Support | ASUS Global