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High CPU usage after updating to Armoury Crate (RGB related)

Level 8

I've just updated to the latest AC version and noticed AacKingstronDramHal_x86 (RAM RGB thingy) is suddenly taking 2-3% constantly on idle. This is with a 12700F and an Asus TUF B660.

Back on the previous versions, this only used to spike when using an RGB effect, but would completely disappear with a static color. Now it doesn't matter what, it runs high all the time.


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Okay, thanks will check it out

Level 7

B550 Rog Strix F/5800x3d/G.Skill Trident Z 4x8 3600 cl18 user here, after the latest update lightning service now use 5-10% cpu even on static and turning off ram sync fixes the issue

Level 9

The same issue with HyperX DDR4 Predator RGB modules (HX446C19PB3AK2/16) here after updating to

Turning off the lighting services completely doesn't make AacKingstronDramHal_x86 go away, but the CPU usage from it drops to 0.

Level 10

Z790 Apex


GSKILL Trident Z RGB 7800 DDR5

Disabling the RAM sync stops the CPU usage. As I have a Ryujin II AIO I cant kill the lightningservice else I dont get stuff on the oled.

Level 7

I'm just here to pile on. My PC:

z690-a lga 1700
12thgen i7-127000KF
3090 STRIX
Team Group Inc. UD5-5600 16GB x2

My CPU spikes by ~2.4% for each synced device between the Graphics card and the memory.

Level 9

Any update on this issue ?

Level 10

@MasterC said he managed to reproduce, but after a month still no fix.

I been checking for updates almost daily on armoury crate, can we have a update?

Community Admin
Community Admin

Good news guys, a fix is on the way. Just wanted to get a more accurate time frame before letting you guys know. The next update should be around 2 weeks away.

FPS, Racing, and VR Gamer / Tech Enthusiast / ROG Admin

Thanks for the Info!