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High CPU usage after updating to Armoury Crate (RGB related)

Level 8

I've just updated to the latest AC version and noticed AacKingstronDramHal_x86 (RAM RGB thingy) is suddenly taking 2-3% constantly on idle. This is with a 12700F and an Asus TUF B660.

Back on the previous versions, this only used to spike when using an RGB effect, but would completely disappear with a static color. Now it doesn't matter what, it runs high all the time.


Level 8

For the love of god why isnt there a "do not automatically update" tick box for armoury crate? Just involentarily updated to the latest version (without warning) caused issues with G.Skill Trident Z5 RGB 7200MT/s memory, P.C locked up had to force power shutdown, booted into UEFI safemode and could not find my memory, reloaded my user profile to get it all running again, Maximus Extreme Z790 board.

Level 8

So I found a temporary solution for this high CPU usage on static RGB issue.

Simply create a batch file (.bat) that kills any high usage process you might have. In my case, I have the following:

taskkill /f /im AacKingstonDramHal_x86.exe
taskkill /f /im LightingService.exe

Then go to Task Scheduler->Ceate Task and run the the script on login (under Actions). Make sure to check both the 'Run with highest privilege" and "Run only when user is logged in" options. Also, add a 30 seconds delay to the task by adding a Trigger.

Of course, if you manually start Armoury Crate, the processes might re-start again.

Hope this helps until the issue is resolved.

Thanks! Yes it does restart if you open armoury crate manually. 

Also under aura lighting service properties you need to uncheck first failure, second failure > change from restart the program to > do nothing 

A much cleaner way to stop Windows services is to use "net stop", which doesn't need any changes to the service properties.  This properly stops the service, allowing it to save state and cleanly exit, avoiding data corruption if it was writing data at the time.  It's the same as stopping it via Task Manager's Services tab or the Services management tool (services.msc).  E.g.

net stop LightingService

 taskkill (and especially not taskkill /f) should never be used as a normal way to stop a Windows service, only as a last resort for cases where the correct methods fail.  It's necessary if you want to stop AacKingstonDramHal_x86.exe, as that's not a service, but LightingService.exe is a proper NT service that should be controlled via the normal methods (where possible).

Thank you for this,  do you mind explaining the step to do so? Sorry newbie with netstop, do we only need to change the .bat file? 

Sure.  It's just an old Windows NT command line tool that has been around forever.  It's intended to manage network stuff, but can also stop and start any Windows service.  You would replace the suggested taskkill with it in the suggested .bat file above, i.e.

taskkill /f /im AacKingstonDramHal_x86.exe
net stop LightingService

Just to be clear, I'm not endorsing that as a good solution.  Use it at your own risk.  If it solves an immediate problem for you with the current AC 5.6 mess, great.  Forcibly killing tasks should not be part of normal system operation, but may be a necessary evil in the short term, until AC is working again.

Thank you for the clarification. This indeed seems to work better and is more graceful than my original solution.

I understand this isn't the most optimal way of doing things, but this software is one big unpredictable mess that could just break with some random update. Now I don't want to start messing with other RGB software because I honestly don't have the time for that, so for a quick dirty solution...that should do for now.

Level 11

Hey guys, how can I even find the original thread that Asus posted about the release of this new version of armoury crate? I can't find anything remotely close in this mess of a website. The old website used to have it pinned in their forums. 

Important posts are still pinned, the issue reporting thread for Armoury Crate version is not yet available. Please wait till next week. 

If you want to search for something in the forum, it's faster to just use the search function. It's far better than the previous forum. Please try it.


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Thanks for your prompt reply, I did use the search function that is how I found my way to this thread. How do I see pinned posts, don't think I have seen one on this new site. I sometimes think the forum I am on is different to everyone else's, lol.