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Guess I'm just going to restore my last pc backup just for Armoury Crate

Level 7
I got an ROG STRIX Arion and wanted to control the lighting. Launched Armoury crate and it didn't show up. No way to make it scan for a new device. I left it alone for 2 months, waiting for updates to maybe fix it. They never did... so 2 days ago I started trying to reinstall the app. IT IS NOT POSSIBLE TO REINSTALL THE APP. Armoury crate uninstall tool does not help. Now that it's gone out of my system, there's clearly no way to get it back onto it without maybe starting from a new windows install (not going to happen) or reverting to my last backup. All it does is sit with no resource utilization at all for hours and then says that I need to check my internet connection and reboot with error code 101. Well, my internet connection is perfectly fine. Maybe make an offline installer available because this clearly doesn't work!
Come on, Asus. I pay a premium for your stuff because of the aesthetics. You just have to get the software working well so that I can actually take advantage of the features that I pay for.
It might seem dumb, but controlling the RGB in my system is important to me and I'm starting to think about looking at other manufacturers for my next build if Asus can't get this right.