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Great job on the latest Armory Crate… NOT!

Level 8

Thanks Asus for fudging up my computer…

I noticed that my custom picture on the CPU Cooler was gone, so I went in to Armoury Crate to change it…

Well that started of a whole series of things.

My fans started to speed up and die, speed up and die like they are stuck in a loop. The RGBs follow the same pattern and in my headphones i hear the sound like I am repetedly plugging/unplugging something in my PC.

I first started with using the uninstall tool and re-installing everything to do with armoury crate. That seemed to fix the looping issue.


But since that, I have gotten all kinds of **bleep** happening. High temps, constant lagg-spikes when gaming, several bluescreens. 

I have even resorted to reinstalling Windows… And things are still the same.

Now what? My entire PC build cost me ~5500$ and now I can’t seem to enjoy it because of your **bleep**ty update?!


I hope to see a quick answer to this matter. Because that is what will determine if any Asus thing will ever get in this house again…



Level 8

@MasterC Hello? When can I expect to use the full power of my computer?! Yesterday after trying to fix RGB in armoury crate, the computer started looping its fans and RGB again. So.... I'm getting really tired of fighting this issues, specially as i built my computer to stream and have to fight off system freezez, lagging and blue screens making it really hard to please an audience as a new streamer as well. How many want to sit and watch someone having techinal issues EVERY stream?