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Gladius III does not work properly.

Level 8
After installing Armory Crate, my gladius 3 mouse stopped working properly. It can function for a random amount of time, and then the left click, right click and the cursor itself stop working. On the same computer under Ubuntu OS, there are no complaints about the operation of the mouse. The problem with the work occurs only on Windows OS. I reinstalled Windows 10 OS and even on a clean OS without armory crate there is a problem. I tested gladius 3 on another windows 7 computer (without armory crate) and the same problem appeared there. There is a suspicion that there is a conflict between the firmware of the mouse itself (2.00.07) and Windows OS. But I cannot verify this. I do not know the previous version of the firmware. I can only guess. On August 29, I received an email from ROG Elite Rewards saying that I had not logged into my account for six months. Around that time, I removed the armory crate due to a conflict with the anti-cheat in the game, but with the firmware of that time, the mouse worked fine.
I hope for your help.