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Gladius III aimpoint disconnecting issue

Level 7

I recently got my broken Gladius III replaced with Gladius III aimpoint. And when used, the mouse is intermittently disconnected and then reconnected. I don't know what the problem is because this disconnect happens randomly. Then, when this disconnection occurred, I saw that the lighting of the computer linked to the aura sync was reorganized collectively. So I suspect this problem is caused by Armory Crate. There seems to be a user who has experienced similar symptoms in the forum, but the user has not solved it either. Is there a user who is experiencing the same problem as me? If so, please share the solution.

This issue occurs regardless of wired or wireless. And i clean install window 11

My computer info

Cpu : 5800x

M/B : asus x470 i gaming

Gpu : asus 6700xt strix

Ram : gskill trident z 3200mhz cl14(16x2)

Power : seasonic focus 850w gold

Ssd : skhynix p31 2tb



Level 7

Thank you for posting. I have the exact se problem. The mouse will become unresponsive randomly.


Asus, please fix!!!