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G512LW-XS78 15.6 '' laptop I7-10750H - RTX 2070 8GB Rog Armoury Crate help???

Level 8
I own the G512LW-XS78 model and I been using performance for gaming on Rome 2 Total War and other games like Marvels Avengers and Resident Evil to give an idea of what type of games and intensive task I am using.

I am not really sure if performance or turbo has the better of effects for cooling or which one of those two would be better???
any help or advice would be good.

In the meantime I am looking into shopping for a 15.6 inch cooler pad with the 3 fans in triangle formation for cooling....

any advice or input to help me get on the right track as for finding a way to keep it cooler the 80 degrees celsius....

Level 8
Turbo is obviously the better profile for cooling since it pushes the fans to the max under intensive loads and ramps up quicker than performance mode. (Performance mode pushes the fans by a little bit when temps go over 70C CPU, Turbo on the other hand pushes the fans hard when temps go over 65C CPU around 70% fan speed. This is what I experience on my Zephyrus S GX502GW, your mileage may vary)