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Forced to Update?!

Level 8

Due to all of the problems with latest versions on AC and wanting to still use a device that does not work with the new version, I have decided to stay on Ver 5.6.8. I have done this by installing via an old full install program. This works great until I connect my PC to the internet and AC works out there is an update. Then I can no longer access my motherboard controls. All I get is a popup to say I need to update.


I click here. Then I get:


I need to update? No, I don't. This area was working fine before you MR Software found out there was a new update and decided to be a ******. So, I am being forced to update to be able to access an area that was working fine before you saw there was an update. An update that from previous track record, may work less well. I have no problem with a popup to say we there is an update and we have advise updating for system stability, etc, but there should, option to disregard it, to get to that area, be it on your head.

You get the same message when going into fan expert, but after clicking check for updates, not updating and going back to fanxpert, you get in there. Here, no chance.

This the worst, being forced to upgrade to a version that currently has known issues, that will make your experience worse. If I wanted this kind of dictatorial approach, I would have brough and Apple....

Anyone else know a way of getting around this without updating?


Level 9

Exactly my problem 😞  Why we cannot stay on installed main and modules versions?!  I'm sure that anywhre inside this AC-suite a flag marking where an update is detected. Can we just suppres this flag or ignore it with any internal switch/trigger? 

Level 7

Same problem for me.

Only an older version is able to control the RGB of my RTX 4080 FE, but it's impossible to disable updates, it's a pain.