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Finally got armoury crate working on windows 11 but panel related options missing

Level 7
I noticed that the panel overdrive and auto refresh rate switching options are missing. I can change to refresh rate in settings just fine but I'd really like to be able to get panel overdrive back. Any way to fix this or another way to turn it on.

Note: I'm using the version downloaded from the website and not the one in the microsoft store since that one doesn't want to open on windows 11.


Level 13
Wait for the OS to mature, its still in alpha stage and a lot of manufactures are still working on drivers for it. I installed it on a test bed and have already had multiple reinstalls needed. Im done with it for now until it advances to Beta just to use it on the test bed. I wont put it on a production machines until its at least to RC1 and maybe just wait for the actual release and first major update. By the first major update most of the post release bugs should be worked out.

In current version of AsusCom service (AXSP 4.02.06) that communicates with BIOS to set fan speed and get information from sensors there is a file access error to driver at windows/system32/drivers folder called asio3.sys. Due this error the service can't start and setup fails. With some work I have setup with only asusCom missing.

Level 7
for anyone who comes across this, its on an off with the updates, both panel overdrive and power saver came back after reinstalling them in one update, now in the newest one overdrive went away again.

Just wait really, as people have said above.