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Fan xpert 4 Problems cant control fan speed

Level 7

Hey guys, i hope i will find help in here. 

After i started my pc today my fan xpert 4 went crazy.

I dont know what to do because im a noob in pc things.  I cant move the dots around to lower my fanspeed and i dont know what is controling my fans at the moment. 

Regards ßlindx


Level 9

I have given up on Asus fan control.   I prefer a smarter fan control software.

JayzTwoCents has a video on some of the usage:

Level 7

tyvm for the answer, i got it fixed with a fresh install of armoury crate. if it happes again i will use smarter fan control aswell. 

The last 2 month i had so many problems with this software its not worth to keep it on my pc.  

I mean Armoury Crate has nice features like AI Cooling and Aura Sync and some other stuff. But after every update i have to pray that  everything works. 

Regards ßlindx