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Every other Armoury Crate Update, idle temps up 3-4 C - What module is raising wattage to CPU?

Level 9

Hi there. I forum-posted about this issue before... back in December 2023 (
and miraculously, an update came out the following evening, that lowered the idle temps back down to CLOSE to what they were before. The solution marked in that case is not really the solution, but it is the typical uninstall/reinstall Armoury Crate, which I can verify does not solve this issue, and believe me, I have reinstalled this product, well, more times than a user probably should ever have to reinstall software from a manufacturer, especially monitoring software, which is supposed to be the most stable aspect of the analysis tool. In some interim releases and updates of A.C., the idle temps would go halfway back down to the fantastic levels that I worked hard to achieve, but not back to them. In other interim releases, with A.C. closed, the temps would sometimes lower, but not fully to 25 / 26 anymore. My question is: what module is increasing wattage to the CPU, that Asus keeps forgetting to account for when they compile?
I know that cpu idles at 29 C / 30 C (cpu, package - and thermistor close to that) would be really good for most of your users, and I agree, but I was getting 25 C / 26 C (cpu/package/thermistor), with proper power and temperature transitions back down when a load would cease, and I would like that back. Can Asus please investigate this? What is putting the wattage increase on the CPU in the Armoury Crate beyond version (it was actually lower idle temps before this version, but at least it came back down to 26 /27 when Asus applied a fix)  
Can Asus at least possibly identify what part of your software suite might be causing 3 /4 C temp increases at idle, such as it is?
Also, if it helps, a CPU should idle at 0%, especially with a clean startup set up as I have. It never gets below 1 or 2% - but this in and of itself is not an issue, just an observation. Please Asus can you help.