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Error (S-1009) Armoury Crate

Level 8

Hello All, 

Yesterday i recived my new computer and after the installation i want to adjust my fan speeds in Armoury by Fan Xpert. 

But i got an error massage an hopefully somebody here can tell me what te do. 

Hopefully google translate do his job:
Unfortunately, an error occurred on the device page.
The application will now reload on the device page. (S-1009)





Hello AviatorNL

Open Task Manager, go to Services, stop and restart AsusFanControlService.

Does this get Fan Xpert working again?

Fan control service.png







i have same issue, and it did not solve it for me, just put all fans to max.

Level 8

Thnx for your quick reply.

I have done a reinstallation from windows and after that it was working fine (till now). 


unfortunatly armoury crate control all asus hardware and is unstable . So after a moment , you will have another problem and impossible to correct them until you reinstall windows again and again. The major problem is you are forced to install hardware update if you want to continue to control your hardware. Armoury Crate need to big internal update to be stable. I have waiting for that several years now

Thank you for you information. 

I have reinstalled my windows over and over after my last massage. 

i got an 7900XTX card from Asrock, When i install the RGB an Tweak software from asrock the fan Xpert in Armoury Crate gives failures. 

So now i run the whole Armoury Crate software and fan Xpert without any problems. 

in more discussions they talk about the instability of Armoury Crate, What i don't understand is they bring out expensive products but the products are not 100% developed.

For my next computer i don't know if i buy something from Asus if the software is unstable.




From your reply, it seems there is some confliction with Armoury Crate and the Asrock software. It's probably best to use all ROG hardware as using other RGB software can conflict with Armoury Crate.

So, were you able to get Fan Xpert working?

Here are the devices I'm using with Armoury Crate, everything is working well.

Armoury Crate.png

I have only Armoury Crate and the needed drivers and firmware installed by it. The issue appears in update 10/23 for me

Yes it's running now without the software from Asrock 


I just had an update for Fan Xpert in Armoury Crate.

If you don't see an update for Fan Xpert, go to the Armoury Crate update center and check for updates.

Don't forget to run the Auto Tuning to get full control of your fans.

Fan Xpert 4.png