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Driver Update Through Armoury Crate

Level 7

I installed Armoury Crate (AC) yesterday and observed that there are some Motherboard drivers/updates that are only provided through this software. Surprisingly, the latest version of some drivers was not even on the official motherboard driver download page (PRIME B760-PLUS)

There was a driver which was only provided via the AC software and was completely missing on the driver download page (Serial I/O or something like that). Similarly, the latest version of the Realtek Audio driver was only available on the AS software and not on the driver download page for that model. The AC software version itself is outdated on the driver download page.




A piece of advice for those who want to keep their drivers updated. You can install AC software and then update the drivers from the AC software and then uninstall the bloated AC software. That way, the drivers still stay in your system. I think Asus prioritizes the AC software more than the official driver download pages in terms of driver updates. Ideally, the updated version of the driver should be posted on the official driver download page.

Moreover, this software still displays many windows which has buttons in Chinese. One example shown below:


Additionally, although AC will not be listed in the list of Startup programs, you will still see several programs/components from AC starting with Windows and running in the background.