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DO NOT UPDATE ARMOURY! & Anyone got an old Armoury installer??????

Level 7
DO NOT !!!! DO NOT UPDATE UR Armoury if its works atm!!

Years ago it was AURA, stealing HOURS AND HOURS OF MY LIFETIME, reinstalling windows , looking for fixes and so on.. then it became better.. UNTIL NOW!!!!

THIS WAS THE LAST TIME I BOUGHT ASUS - I SWEAR!!!!!!!!!!! GOSCH!!!! Im soooo full of hate right now! f***k u ASUS, REALLY!!!! WHY CANT U JUST STOP LAUNCHING BAD SOFTWARE!!!! And even worse, u are forcing us to use this **** software! I cant role back to the previus version of Armoury :(:(:(

This is what is wrong:
This stupid, useless new UI overwrites my Fan profiles, which I set in BIOS! And I have a software to control my Fans and may waterloop stats... BUT NOOOOOO... ASUS SAYS: "Hey stupid consumer (who spend much money to us), try this new sh** out."

ASUS GIVES A **** ABOUT US!! Your NEW STUPID ARMOURY PROGRAM TAKES CONTROL OVER THE FANS... WHY ASUS WHY?!? Why you did integrate a completed useless fan setting in your buggy software?! WHY!?

That new Armoury is blocking REAL SOFTWARE from working... BAD JOKE ASUS
- sry, but i just can't come down atm... Im normaly a reasonable person which u can discuss with in normal ways... but Asus software has stolen soooo much lifetime of me, and now they starting it again... and unlike years ago, i cant find old setups to ignore this version...

SO now i have to diced whether i want nice temps/noice and no LED control, or i can have LED control but no "usefull conrol" over temps...

PLS PLS PLS!!! Does anyone has an older setupfile for normal Armoury?!
PLS Im paying u a paypal tipp if u can provide a setup from 2020 (or from 2021 Q1.
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Level 10
Your anger is causing a lot of grammar mistakes. I'm like this sometimes and I end-up going through a lot of corrections.

Anyway, this Buggy Armoury Crate "Bugaramma" is going to be present until after they integrate all their PC software. Right now, they are in the process of integrating AI Suite. Unfortunately, as we are their (So called) valued customers, they will still treat us like second class citizens by forcing us to be their Beta testers. They are trying to be like Apple in all the wrong ways by forcing buggy changes on us that we never asked for. Apple forces changes on their customers that they think everyone will want but never asked for.

BTW, the sad news is that the older software is only a downloader and will download the latest version from the Microsoft store. This has been like this since it all began in 2018.