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DIYHUE discovery problems

Level 7
Hi, I used Razer Synapse 3 / Chroma Studio to control ASUS Aura, DIYHUE lights and Razer LEDs. Unfortunately Razer "destroyed" the integration of ASUS Aura and Hue, has some other software issues and the support is... So I would like to switch completey to ASUS devices. But first I would like to get the integration of my DIY HUE server running. Armoury Crate does not find the emulated bridge. The server is running in the same subnet as my PC. Aura Sync were able to find it but Armoury Crate does not. Does anybody know how to get it working again or configure it manually?

Sorry if there are other treads with the same problem. I could not use the search because "HUE" is to short...