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Disabling windows button to force an update

Level 7

I usually don't write messages like this and to be honest don't care much about product issues to complain on a forum, but this issue has managed to get under my skin too much, so here we are.

I realized my windows button was disabled, after pressing it, Armoury Crate told me to change it under System Configuration. Great, as I went to do it, it forced me to reset my pc to install an update. Essentially locking my windows key to force an update on me, which is really a horrible user experience, especially if you are in the middle of a project and resetting your pc is not really going to impact your work positively.

Anyway, I don't want to continue ranting. Please just remove this feature that locks the windows key outside of Armoury Crate and only allows you to reenable it after restarting. If you want me to update the software to improve your data collection, there are nicer ways to do it.



Community Admin
Community Admin
Armory Crate isn't required to lock or unlock the Windows key, try [Fn + Windows key] to toggle.
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