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device section on armory crate shows nothing!!

Level 8

I've recently upgraded to 14900k with new mb and ram, I had no issue on my last build which had 5900x and x570f mb with armory crate.

but now the device section wont work no matter what I do, I tried changing windows and uninstalling it via uninstaller tool.

I have z790 dark hero for gods sake, its a 700 bucks mb and yet the armory crate is utter ****** and wont work. 

my real issue is controlling rog ryujin 360 aio fans. cant do it in bios or fan control tool.

if theres a solution beside changing os or uninstalling this crap, please do tell me.


my rig info

mb : rog z790 dark hero

cpu : 14900k

gpu : zotac 4090 amp extreme airo

aio : rog ryujin 360

ram : dominator titanium 2x48 6600

psu : hx 1500i

case : rog helios


Level 8

Screenshot 2023-12-29 070711.png


Level 9

Can you use aura Sync?
Dark hero cannot be set in the device options, and RYUJIN cannot be set either?

hey man,

aura sync works fine. but now that you mentioned it, I have dominator rams which I can use armory crate to manage its rgb but I have to go to device section of motherboard to enable it and I cant.

nothing on device section work man, when I select each one, it shows blank page.

My device option "Dark Heroes" is currently unavailable and takes a long time to load. It is also empty after loading. It used to be normal.

Can your ryunjin be set?