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Custom Fan curves for TuF Model laptops.

Level 10
I have asked about this before but hell, I ask again.

Can we please have to option to make our own fan curves and basically an ambient fan in any mode on the laptop?

There are several other laptops that allow this either in a software suite or enabled in BIOS at varying levels. I do not see why the only way to get ambient fans is to run my machine on mains in turbo mode. If I'm doing light gaming or using older titles I have absolutely no need to be running on turbo, I do so purely for ambient fans to keep my A15 cooler. This should not be a RoG thing only, it's a simple quality of life setting. The legion 5 get great temps with ambient fans on compared to a stock A15. All it takes is fan control and a little elevation and it can idle in the 30s and 40s instead of sat around 50/60c with fans going on and off. It's a really poor software implementation.

Level 7

tuf f15, its atrocious that TUF/ASUS doesnt allow to adjust the fan curves and gives us the ******tiest fan curve in existance. No wonder Asus is loosing the prestige that used to be associated with the brand. I remember when someone bought Asus, it meant quality, now it's just cheap all around.

In all honesty, as much as I used to love the ASUS machines and quality you used to get, their QC and services are slipping a fair amount. So much so My next machine likely will not be an ASUS of any kind unless I win a competition. Some ASUS machines have slightly better out of box performance than others but others offer more customisation. MSI's flagships and even the lesser models have an advanced BIOS so you can tweak the best performance and thermals out of the laptops and tune the RAM too.

I don't know if they still have it but I know some of the Legion 7 models had similar BIOS options when you unlocked them. as well as better thermals. I saw the new A15/16s that Jarrod reviewed throttled most of the time because cooling was inadequate. Pretty sure he said they turned down the speed of max fans to appease muppets who want silent machines. Funny, those same muppets will cry about it being too hot and throttling too.