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Custom argb led strip shows green when fans and other lights show red color

Level 7

I have an ARGB strip that I want to connect via ARGB header. When I connect the strip I see green color when the rest of the fan/ram leds are red and I have set RED as the static color via Armoury crate. I tried with 2-3 strips and all behave same. I am using WS2812b strip that says the color order should be GRB. It looks like this is the root cause of the problem. The fan leds are in RGB order but my strip are in GRB order. Now when I use arduino or other MCUs I get an option to set the color order in the led driver library. Is there any way to tweak some options (via registry or some config file) to set the color order in Armoury crate. It looks like it is not possible via the software itself.

WhatsApp Image 2024-02-04 at 20.37.31.jpeg