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Changing gpu mode in asus zephyrus g14 2022 and virtual pet questions.

Level 8
Hello all, just got the armoury crate software update today and saw the change gpu mode option. I assume is new because i have never seen it before, but the problem i'm encountering is that i try to select one of the modes, for example "Optimized", but don't work. The only one i see working is the one named ultimate. I'm using a standard account and noticed that when i login as administrator, the gpu mode can be changed, so is this only working when using a provileged account?. I would like to use it on a normal account, for security mainly.

Also i would like to know why when i click on the virtual pet install button, it doesn't update the version and i'm always stuck at version 2.16.

Thanks in advance and sorry for my english, because it is not my native language.