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Cant update app since

Level 7
I'm using Lenovo YOGA 15IKB lapop with ROG Chakram in a Windows 10 Pro x64
Very often my Chakram didn't switch profile ater i ALT-TABed app because she stuck with action in previous app. Most funny thing even LMB click cant work sometimes and i have to restart ARMOURY CRATE ( or a whole laptop.

And i dunno were this bug fixed in newer app, because i cant update. There is no full installer in a website or MS Store, and app cant update itself for a long time (i can even complete this site registration for such long time :D)

I have tried every new update that were realized, but I'm tired.
100$ rog charman mice works same as mad catz that i had before! funny thing no.2, mice shows that battery low only after she were shutdown and i had power it via type C.


Level 7
So this error codes doesn't meant anything? They are same with every try. Looks like even Windows reinstallation doesn't helped
error code 7: 0x80040902 0xa0170005 -160105403 (just for google indexation)