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Can't update the Armoury Crate

Level 7

It keeps showing unable to connect to the internet but I checked my firewall it should be work. I have tried to turned off my router and turn on again but it still not working. And I have already reinstall the AC. 螢幕擷取畫面 (69).png

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Try to logged off your armoury create profile and sign in again..then do update it is perfectly work now

Level 7

What worked for me (no reinstall required) a simple solution:

Update failed with unable to connect error - go to user centre - logout, if logged in (for me this page was blank hence why I toggled to refresh) - toggle over to china tab then back to login page - page loaded - log in to Asus - try update again.

Mine worked after logging in, with no issues.

this worked for me too - thanks

Yes that works. Cheers 👍

Yes I updated...hoo it's a server error..I logged off and logged in's perfectly work now...this is the perfect solution..

Krobelus' solution worked for me too.

@Krobelus instructions unfortunately didn't work for me.
So I went about it a little differently:
User Center -> Logout -> +Switch to China Service -> Update attempt -> Update completed successfully -> Uswer Center -> Login -Y done.

The update went through but Armory Crate remains at version

But no new update to appears anymore.

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จะไปลองดู  update  ดูครับ

Level 7

Just updated correctly, without errors due to (fake/false) internet connection, the UNIFYDGII. Good! 

Level 7

Bueno pues parece que esta mañana para mi se soluciono soloo realizaron alguna correccion  y actualizo sin problemas