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Can't uninstall Armoury Crate any more

Level 7
After the update, AC no longer recognizes my monitor (XG27UG), doesn't work with Claymore II either. Cannot update anything in Update Center. So I tried uninstalling it with the latest uninstall tool, always running into errors. Retries did nothing, Run as administrator did nothing either. I have the logE files but this form says they're "invalid files", what should I do now?? It also says my logE files are "invalid file" is there any other way to attach logs?

Level 13
Much as I hate to say it Id do a clean install and never install it again. The forum is plagued with Armory crate issues. I ditched all my ASUS peripherals ( A lot of $$ out the window) and went all Corsair where I que actually works. Only thing I cant control is the RGB on my PG35VQ so I just set it to a static color in the OSD of the monitor and called it a day. It will run other profiles as well from the display settings but nothing synched. Bottom line is everything else works perfectly with no bugs. Even does the ASUS MOBO and GPUs.


I did a clean install and that fixed everything for me. Unfortunately a lot of uninstalls and reinstalls or Armoury messes up Windows.

After I did a clean install, Armoury loaded on fine and all my devices worked again. I need armoury due to RGB and AIO fan control.

Level 11
Nobody needs Armoury Crate unless they like a wasps nest full of trouble. You can control your fans via the Bios. I have two Asus AOI in two different rigs and both work perfectly without Armoury Crate--as do all the fans. If you don't believe it simply install HWMonitor and watch your temperatures. I have checked my temps nearly daily for more than a year with both the Ryo and Ryujin all in ones. There is no problem there. If you need to do any tweaking you can also do that from the BIOS. Coincidentally you can turn all of the RGB lights off in the BIOS as well. It irks me though that my motherboard even came with RGB--more marketing garbage just like the bloatware that Armoury Crate is. My rig looks great with all of those silly rainbow lights. The coolest look ever. Not that anyone cares.