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Can't login to Armoury Crate service

Level 7
When i try to download Aura Walpaper Armoury Crate asks me to log in.
I submit the login data and then it asks to what service to log in. i choose Global Service.
It says "redirecting" and then nothing happens.
Any help?

My specs:
Asus Rog Zephyrus G14 laptop
Windows 10
Armoury Crate

Level 7
anyone please?

Martinezz123 wrote:
anyone please?

Have you found a solution? It happens the same for me, it's Redirecting/reloading that side of the app continuously.

Try using the log in information you used to log into these forums. That is what I have been using and it seems to work just fine. I may have just set the passwords to be the same.

Good luck with it.

It's not the login info - I know them well, used them before reinstalling Windows.
It's not also not a firewall problem or something, the app connects to the internet/updates/and so on.

Just the login into Global services doesn't work at all, after clicking Log In it redirects and redirects in a loop.

Hi all, I basically went to Windows' 11 settings, and reset and repair the app. It worked after that. I am now able to download content. Check the screenshot.


Same issue with me can't login into ROG Account global service. Solutions plz

Level 7

Same here, there's not even an option to remove the account to try and log back in

Level 7

Hi, I had the same issue, could not login.  I used the above Windows 11 tools but reset the app (repair didn't work) and it has let me sign in and everything appears to working as it should.