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Can't login to Armoury Crate service

Level 8
When i try to download Aura Walpaper Armoury Crate asks me to log in.
I submit the login data and then it asks to what service to log in. i choose Global Service.
It says "redirecting" and then nothing happens.
Any help?

My specs:
Asus Rog Zephyrus G14 laptop
Windows 10
Armoury Crate

Level 8
anyone please?

Martinezz123 wrote:
anyone please?

Have you found a solution? It happens the same for me, it's Redirecting/reloading that side of the app continuously.

Try using the log in information you used to log into these forums. That is what I have been using and it seems to work just fine. I may have just set the passwords to be the same.

Good luck with it.

It's not the login info - I know them well, used them before reinstalling Windows.
It's not also not a firewall problem or something, the app connects to the internet/updates/and so on.

Just the login into Global services doesn't work at all, after clicking Log In it redirects and redirects in a loop.

Hi all, I basically went to Windows' 11 settings, and reset and repair the app. It worked after that. I am now able to download content. Check the screenshot.


Same issue with me can't login into ROG Account global service. Solutions plz

Level 7

Same here, there's not even an option to remove the account to try and log back in

Level 7

Hi, I had the same issue, could not login.  I used the above Windows 11 tools but reset the app (repair didn't work) and it has let me sign in and everything appears to working as it should.

I just ran into this. Here's how I got around it. (from someone else)

Open Armory Crate
Click on the User Center button (2nd from the bottom with an outline of a person)
Instead of clicking on your account on the right side of the screen, click "Sign in with another account"
Enter your credentials (feel free to click "remember me") and click the "sign in" button
After loading for a sec, you should be signed into Armory Crate again