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Can't activate ROG XG Mobile (V 2021) After finished the update Armoury Crate

Level 7
Hi All,

After finished the update Armoury Crate on 31 Jan 2023, I can't activate the ROG XG Mobile (Version 2021). I must follow ASUS official instruction and step to activate the ROG XG Mobile, but it is still failure a few times. My tablet (Flow Z13) can detect XG mobile and show the signal, but I can't see the notice "Click OK to launch connection" after Plug in ROG XG Mobile connector and Push the lock switch on the connector to lock it. And I try to go to this folder (C:\Program Files\ASUS\ARMOURY CRATE Service\GPUSwitchPlugin) to click GPUSwitchDialog.exe, GPUSwitchTutorial.exe and GPUTrayIcon.exe, it is no response. And I try to use "Task Manager" to execute GPUTrayIcon.exe, GPUSwitchTutorial.exe and GPUSwitchDialog.exe. they are disappearance after 2 seconds and no response. But The small icon (GPU Switch Tray) is showing on the bottom right corner (Tray list), double click, and no response.
And I try to uninstall the whole Armoury Crate and install Armoury Crate again, it doesn't work. I must follow the rule to restart computer, but it doesn't work.
I remember I use the old version of Armoury Crate, it works everyday.
* I use ROG Flow Z13 tablet (i9 CPU version) - My version of Flow Z13 (2022) is GZ301ZE

SO what can I do? can you send me the old version of Armoury Crate?

When you uninstalled did you use the Removal Tool from the Z13 product page? If not, that may help. Otherwise you should pester ASUS support so they know this is an issue. Also, you can post this as a bug when the new sticky thread gets opened by MasterC, but this seems to be a rather specific software+hardware issue that may require taking logs.
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Community Manager
Community Manager
Issue has been resolved, please check for the update ArmouryCrate.GPUSwitch.
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MasterC@ROG wrote:
Issue has been resolved, please check for the update ArmouryCrate.GPUSwitch.

Can you tell me where I can find this update? Is it in Armoury Crate which is released 30/01/2023? I now run an very old Armoury after reinstall so I only want to reinstall version released 30/01/2022 when I'm sure to find this fix there...

Please advise where to find ArmouryCrate.GPUSwitch update for this fix..

Where to check the updates? I can't find it the asus website

Level 7
It works, thx

Where can i get updates?

which one works? please help