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Bug in Armory Crate

Level 8

I have X670E-F Gaming WiFi and when installed this software my pc restart with error driver power state faliure when this software delete from pc then pc normal work and in bios I use undervolt 


Community Admin
Community Admin

How about when you do not undervolt?

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This is not try buth can to try without undervolt in bios and install software 

Please confirm if issue persists when system is running at stock speeds (no undervolt or overclock - including XMP). 

FPS, Racing, and VR Gamer / Tech Enthusiast / ROG Admin

First I'm now set bios by default and then install software with all upgrades what are is have and software work ok my pc also not have errors driver power state faliure.So do you think to try now in bios to make undervolt and memory from 4800 what are is default in bios to run on 5600 to see do you now have any problems 

In Windows Microsoft Store app Armory Crate exists bug now see sometime can to update and sometime not there is problem probably 

Well in bios pbo must to disabled and only to use amd pbo for undervolt and then undervolt,EXPO I for memory and software Armory works okay not have bsod on pc with error driver power state faliure.Good company is Asus 👍


Now all works okay well and with pbo undervolt and EXPO 1 buth AMD pbo must to be disabled in Bios and pc not have bsod with error driver power state faliure.MB X670E-F GAMING WIFI is my first product from Asus and I'm really satisfaction on this my choice.