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BSOD and EA new Anti-Cheat

Level 9

So we found a problem Between Asus Drivers and EA Anti-cheat i just wanted to Put this here so maybe this can get fixed by Asus or EA


Level 8

Same issue here and it started happening recently, not sure if it's caused by an Armoury Crate update or the game itself, but obviously there is a conflict.

I disabled "AsIO3.sys:" and it resolved the issue for now, but now I get an error on windows startup about loading the driver. Not sure what's this driver is used for.

Hopefully it gets resolved by either Asus or EA soon, as I heard it's affecting FC24 as well.

It's absolutely from EA's proprietary anti-cheat engine(debued for Season 6 of BF2042), not including ASUS drivers in a whitelist category.

Whilst also abstaining from testing on the most widely used hardware for Gaming builds. SMH

But it wouldn't be EA, without creating monumental screw-ups.

The AsIO2.sys AsIO3.sys drivers won't affect anything - other than Lighting.